Class structure and fitness levels

A Back 2 Basics approach to improving fitness, no fancy equipment – it’s your own body weight that’s utilised to build strength, increase flexibility and consume excess calories. Classes incorporate cardiovascular, strength, core and balance techniques to create a holistic programme that addresses all aspects of fitness and well-being.

All classes are done together as one group with different levels of fitness being catered for during the class, so that all are work to their own maximal potential.

Fitness Levels are indicated by the use of colours, Blue for Basic fitness, Red for Medium, Yellow for Advanced and Black being for the Elite. Colours are used and are there as a guideline to place you in the appropriate fitness group for training.

We conduct random Fitness Assessments every few months at any given Class and your results can then be used as a guideline as to what colour fitness level / group you should be working with at a class. Assessments are a series of exercises based against the clock. The assessment covers all aspects of fitness including CV, upper and lower body strength, abdominal strength and anaerobic fitness. Tests include: 1500 Meter Run, 2 minutes of: Press ups, Sit ups, Straddle Burpees and 15 x 20 Meter Shuttle Sprints.

  • BLUE (Basic)   RED (Medium)   YELLOW (Advanced)   BLACK (Elite)



Be a better You!  Boredom tends to be the downfall of most gym users as the sessions can be repetitive, this will be avoided when training with us as getting fit in the great outdoors is varied and no sessions are the same. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.


At Outdoor Fitness emphasis is placed on creating a sociable atmosphere in which camaraderie develops. People keep coming back because they enjoy themselves, make friendships and create a social network as well as get fitter and healthier.


Training doesn’t have to be a chore, Have Fun with it. All work together to enhance this social ambience, but, under the watchful eye of highly-qualified instructors, each individual gets the tuition that suits their fitness levels and helps them fulfil personal objectives.